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“You could just buy a window like that in a store. But maybe not in oak, or not unless you went to a joiner. What kind of wood did you use for the bottom part there?”

“At school we had real benches, you know made of beech.”

“That’s made of two boards? Ah, OK, but you don’t have that kind of machine that you use to make the edges flat… Yes, a jointer.”

“Papa, when are you going to finish my bow?”

“Where are all your real tools?… You know the electric ones, um with tables or something?”

“You made that with that? I see those kinds of planes all the time at the flea markets. You don’t have a router?”

“Hey Coppette, I saw something like this in that book you translated. Take it. No, it’s your’s. I have a couple of them, and I never use them.”


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