Recent Work

Bench in yew and ash, Banc en bois d’if et frene,

Fence Post Chair, reclaimed oak, wine-barrel oak, ash,

Chaise en chêne récupérée d’une poteau de clôture et une cuve à vin, le frêne

Offcut table, oak, black locust, ash
Table des chutes, en chêne, robinier, frêne
René’s armchair, walnut and domestic cherry
Fauteuil René, noyer et cerisier
Rocking Dragon, black locust
Shinto chair, burl oak, ash, black locust
Uncut block table, oak and ash
Blanket chest, oak and ash
Offcut table II, oak, ash
Gus’s Settee, walnut and domestic cherry

3 Responses to Recent Work

  1. Don Creque says:

    Great work Brian……I am so impressed!

  2. Paul Murphy says:

    I think it’s cool that you have yew available. I live in California, and there are some trees of that type here, but finding the lumber is another story. It’s rarer than hen’s teeth. I have one plank.

    • A neighbor gave me a huge pile of wood a while back, odd stuff that his family had cut and had sawn over many years. In it there were maybe 5-6 planks of the yew. I assume it was a garden tree. It is also quite rare here, and it took me a while to figure out what it was after I ran it through a planer and realized I hadn’t ever seen anything like it.

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